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First you must have the tax breakdown. Once taxes are written down you go back to refund application and do TRFT to display the tax panel.

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You must remove the tax with code XT. This informs that there is no option to update a name field after ticket is issued. If infant ticket needs to be issued. You need to create a new reservation for adult and infant issue the infant ticket and cancel the new PNR.

Trying to add SSR for an airline that is not part of the itinerary. This error usually shows up when there is more than 1 passenger in a PNR with reissue. Display and print ticket must be done for each passenger separately. This error returns when a status of one or more of coupons in original ticket is not showing as F flown even if flight is in the past.

How to do revalidation Amadeus Revalidation- हिंदी में

Such reissues are not possible. Coupons must be reissued in chronological order. Lists of possible status:. This message returns when the FO line with original ticket number does not match the passenger name. This error appears when an agent is request to block ticketing without validation. A travel agency that works with several SFM profiles may get this error. This happens at pricing time when a current PSR expired.

In such error message please contact Sigal Shor or Noga at the helpdesk for update. In such cases you need to contact Sigal Shor or Noga at the helpdesk for update. English Hebrew.

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Contact us at the helpdesk or wait awhile. This happens when you try to book a hotel without giving credit card guarantee. Refund needs to be done not a VOID. Void can only be done on the date of ticket issue. The correct form of payment should be CASH. This line needs to be cancelled. This happens of some airlines that still do not allow e-ticketing for infants. Paper tickets need to be printed. All you can do is wait and try to do same entry later. You have to wait and try to do the entry later on. You have to add the active future segments to the entry.

This message may appear when you try to issue and e-ticket. System does not like something in the PNR. We suggest to try: 1. Check if thereare codeshare flights by clicking on flight number click on the flight number 2.


The 1st carrier is always the ticketing carrier FVxx 3. Try to issue again. If not please contact our help desk. Old data needs to be removed and new data needs to be created. Compere that tax code to the codes which you or system added. XT is an invalid tax code it is tax total and needs to be broken down. Remove the XT tax code and total and break it to individual taxes Tax codes can only be 2 letters see if all codes are only 2 letters.

To add taxes Click in the "currency" field system will automatically add USD Add the amount in the next box Add the tax code in the next box No need to add anything in the type. Close PNR issue ticket again. This is not allowed a new PNR must be created in Amadeus.


There is no link to the format that you are entering. Nothing can be done but wait and report it to the Help desk. Reservation is booked however airline may send a reject within 24 hours. Check the PNR. The is no PNR number on the right side beside all the flights you are ticketing. Contact us for synchronize. Will add tour code to the PNR. Your fare calculation is missing the XF tax city code. This happens if E-ticket are issued and you try change the name field This is not allowed you need to either refund or void the e-tickets and only after you can touch the name field.

Contact helpdesk at 03 This happens when you try to pull a PNR which does not belong to your office. Call us 03 This happens if BSP requests as to block an airline from ticketing in an office. TY may solve it but only on paper ticket.

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This happens when an airline takes contol of the PNR by mistake. This error is given when action is done trying to separate married segments. The airline must be contacted and if the airline approve a spilte of married you need to contact the Helpdesk in order to do it. Happens if agent tries to sign in at more than one station at once or if entering wrong password several times. System gets locked. Agent must contact Help Desk in order to reopen access to the system. This happens when there is no match between the fare calculation and stopover indicators beside the flights.

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The fare calculation and the flight indicators must be the same. Meaning if there is an X beside a specific flight on fare calculation an X must show beside the flight. If there is nothing beside a city code on the fare calculation it means it is a stop therefore O must be shown the stopover indicator tab. This means that you need to associate the element line number to a specific passenger. This error is when trying to reissue and original coupons do not have F status.

Airline must update status to F before reissue can be done. Airline does not accept credit card form of payment therefore ticket can not be printed. If the flight is yet E is not showing in the flight line please contact the help desk. This happens when try to reissue a ticket and there are flown segments part of the TST.

In order to avoid this situation please enter every name or couple of names seperate. Please note that doing this will make an automatic TST become manual. As you were browsing pcm. Amadeus will accept to investigate claims on a case by case basis where a customer incurs. Customer Action. Verify the status on the ticket you are attempting to refund. Ticketless debate. Apply and search for IATA codes like airline designators, accounting or prefix, baggage and location identifiers.

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