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Dish sucks so bad it is like I went back in time….. Directv does not do it nor does U-verse. Their quality sucks and I would never go back to Dish once my contract is up. During the install the idiot fell through the ceiling and they have yet to reimburse me for the repairs and it has been almost a year. This is easily the worst TV service I have ever tried to watch. Im just trying to watch my local NBA teams game on tv and usually they do not even have Comcast sports net to watch the Celtics so its not even an option.

Also the channels are terrible and I am constantly losing connection. I do not recommend DISH to anyone ever, I hope they go out of business to save everyone from them ruining there entertainment. I signed up with dish little over two years ago, usual story, package went from 80 to dollar as promotional period ended, l called dish to give an opportunity to give an opportunity for me to stay with them, given new customers receive an alexia device upgraded equipment and a dollar prepaid card, I called to ask what they do for existing low maintenance customers.

Reply from dish, you can pay for upgrades to equipment and promotional rates are for new customers only….? Loyalty has now value, if you sign a contract with us you can we can reduce your bill by 20 dollars. Well that showed how relevant we were as a customer. I have now canceled service and they are asking me to pay 15 dollars to ship equipment back to them???

Once you cancel customer service tone changes emensley I am absolulty discusted I was ever a customer. Lousy service. They initially let me record shows, then cut that off for Sirius XM. That was a major reason I chose Dish. Too bad. They said they would upgrade my service but erased all my recorded shows and all I got was a bigger guide screen so I could see more of their garbage channels.

Then service stopped for no apparent reason. It said no signal. A tech from a subcontractor came out and it was fixed for about 2 days. I called him back, he promised a new receiver that weekend: nothing. Broadcasts cut out all the time so you never get uninterrupted service. I called customer service. Their useless advice was to call or chat about whatever error message showed on screen.

But there is no such message — just interrupted service, with bits and pieces of each sentence so broadcasts are a total joke. Dish is a bunch of ripoff artists and crooks: They are unresponsive, expensive, and utterly worthless. I would quit but they soak you for that. This is service from a third world country. I would never recommend Dish to anyone unless I was mad at them. Dish is a 4-letter word. Signed up because as a Direct TV customer for 15 years, My new home location is blocked by huge trees. No signal. Signed with Dish 2 months ago.


Tech installed TV. Works great. Once finished showed me onscreen the TV with the Hopper directly attached , with a 25 Mbps plan, I was receiving at that time I signed and was promised 25 Mbps, getting about 2 or less consistently now. If anyone else is having issues with customer service and needs help.

Consider this. If at anytime the provider does not perform at the level agreed to at the time of the contract initiation and agreement. They have breached the contract. That breach makes the whole contract null and void. You will win in court if you take them there. I have, but not with dish. NOTE: Read your contract. Yes the fine print.

There will be all sorts of disclaimers you signed to. Some will matter, most will not. So they will be held accountable if what they promised does not occur, regardless of the disclaimers. Hoping they will honor their contract for my internet. We will see. I have been a customer of dish for 12 years.

I also have my elderly mother on dish services. Two days ago her receiver finally went out. I called dish to get it replaced. Wait a minute, this is your receiver that we pay a monthly fee for. We have had it 12 years and it needs to be replaced. That covers service except for a trip fee and deductible. Okay, fine. There has to be better options than this. Poor customer service and charges to customers.

I just wanted to warn anyone else interested in dish to beware and be aware. Obviously, this is a review paid for by Dish Network. Dish has a standard policy to have their customer serivce people lie to their customers on phone calls. Dish never stands behind what they commit to on their phone calls with customers. This is a business practice and procedure. One that is clearly making Dish money at their customers expense. Dish flatly refuses to back up conversations with documented proof of call. Make sure when dealing with this company you record the phone calls!

Take notes with documented time and date, the rep you spoke with and all details. These will stand up in court. Hi Wrace, we are not paid for the review itself. Here is our Disclosure page if you have any questions. While we do not have any jurisdiction over how the companies we review run, we certainly do not encourage bad customer service or lies. Dish has plenty of sports channels. I was a customer for 8 years. Paid my bill on time. I called to complain several times. Their pricing plans following their initial two year plan are outrageously high.

Furthermore, I have mps internet service and yet their service was super slow on my receivers and literally took several seconds to even respond whenever I selected anything and then would often hang for up to a minute, if not indefinitely, when trying to access one of my DV-R recordings. Dish Network has terrible customer service and no one was willing to discuss a mutually acceptable resolution of this issue. I had to ask multiple times to talk to a manager before they transferred me and when they finally put one on the manager was just as hostile.

DISH Network Review

They are all about gouging the customer and make no effort to resolve valid customer concerns and complaints. I strongly recommend that anyone considering satellite service not consider Dish Network for all of the above reasons as they will end up being extremely disappointed with their surprisingly substandard service. I would rather pay twice as much with another satellite company that has better customer service and will never consider going back to them at any point in the future unless they refund me their fraudulent charges.

I am leaving dish! Worse customer service EVER. Wrose company they can raise your rates anytime they want if you cancel they charge you extra before your two years are up my friend move in with me they would not let him bring his box for a second tv now they making him pay 20 till July now they raised it to 24 and he not useing the box where is this fair.

Dish network in saint louis area is horrible, I watched a tech do an install for me, he had to call his boss to ask a question and was on the phone having to call multiple people for over an hour. I was told 3 hours and took 7. When ordering asked for internet TV bundle. Was lead to believe that I was going to receive the bundle package. Tried to cancel account but they told me that I signed a contract.

Informed them that no, I signed up for the bundle not just tv. Had to escalate call to the Office of the President to try to get a resolution. Agent tells me that she will have to listen to sales call and get back to me. I then informed her that I was going to call any and all investigative reporter that will ALSO look into this matter. Dish is crap. Went to cancel my service and I have to pay a service fee. I now have to pay them over to cancel.

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Dish sucks nothing but a bait and switch organization. When i called to shut off service they told me that I would lose all promotions. I told them to cancel they then wacked me for These people are the worst run…….. There are people who are happy with Dish and there are those who hate it. I know a lot of people who have Dish and they all are satisfied with Dish.

Paul, we try to provide the most up to date information about each product and let everyone comment and air their grievances with companies. While we can laugh at ourselves, we take our content seriously. Dish reception is really sketchy. There are frequent freeze-ups, dropouts, pixilation of the screen, and the audio stops as you miss portions of the program. Dish simply does not seem to know how to fix the problem and deliver reliable reception to their customers. Yet the cost continues to increase. When a loyal customer uses up their allotment of discounts, their bill can double!

I felt duped! Dish is total crap here yet again the send reps to your home to talk about all of the good things they have well dish bundled with frontire. I was completely confusing from installation. My room cable didnt work for more then two weeks with a tech being sent out to firgure what the problem is. Then once my contract was up the tv kept freezing then it went out completely..

Then they leave out the most valuble info dont send back the frontire router!!! So i send everything back to dish now they cant help ne there is no number to contact the returns dept make no sense at all im never ever goimg back to dish and everyone i see with dish will here how terrible their service is. The hopper has a mind of its own!! I called to check the tv packages and they asked me a lot of information to make sure I would get a better price. One of the things was a credit card just for them to have it on file.

After the phone call and 5 transactions on my bank account including 1 for Now I have to go through the bank to try to dispute those transactions. I have never had problems with dish until this time that I signed up for service. When I first called to inquire about prices, i asked for service in 5 rooms. I decided to go with the package that was presented only to find out that the technician came for installation with a work order for only 4 rooms.

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  • DISH Network Internet | Internet & DISH TV Bundles | ?
  • A couple of days into the contract we were having problems viewing shows in the 4th room and when I called to see what was wrong, the agent said that with the hopper and 3 joeys we could only view 3 rooms and the 4th room had to join one of the other rooms viewing. Technically that is only 3 rooms.

    Why cant they just be up front with customers? This has me so angry!!!! I have two Dish Network accounts, one in Indiana and one in Florida. After returning to Indiana I have made 6 calls to Customer Service in 2 days and have had 1 home service call just to restore service from vacation pause. They will soon be history.

    I also have Dish in Florida with the hopper receivers and have had no problems. They will probably lose both accounts as a result of their poor business practices. I have to go to Dish America to get the channels I want. I can get the channels I want on Directv Select package. I cannot get all these on Dish without going to a higher package.

    I get all the sports , which is football , my favorite teams only, on Locall channels. Tricked by Dish. Was told weather was really not a problem anymore. Was told I was signing installation papers. It was a 2 year contact. Out of the past 16 days, 8 of those were without service. Yes another sad dish story. Never again!! Last month I decreased my serviced because I cannot afford — and this month I received double bill , I want to cancel my account but I cannot. It is manipulative language they r using when called.

    Secondly, I had three dish sitting on my roof , they cannot remove this — so I tried to remove by myself and I went on roof and I felt. It was lower roof so dint get much hurt. Now what I hv to do , please suggest Nivpatel gmail. The picture quality is terrible. Do not get me wrong I have no love for DirecTV but I just cancelled DISH because there picture quality is bad, it is like streaming off the internet which is really weird because it is suppose to be coming in off the dish but the images are choppy and laggy as well as the resolution looks more like or when it is suppose to be I got Internet TV today and I am saving a bundle even with the early cancellation fee.

    Make sure you scrutinize your channel listing when they talk you into a great deal because it will be channels you never watch. I could not watch any football or hockey and we could only stream one device at a time online. The customer service representatives are the rudest people I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I am glad to be done with Dish and never will come back! After 6 months they started billing me and after phone calls I straighten it out went okay for 3 months then started billing me again and when I called and explained and ask them to listen to the conversation of when I was signed up they hung up on me after more phone calls and 1 hour on the phone fighting with these people they finally conceded that they indeed had promised me one year and was so happy to inform me that they were going to give me what they promised me in the beginning.

    I should not have to fight and argue for over 1 hour to get what I was promised totally ridiculous and unprofessional. In addition dish receiver is constantly freezing up and after multiple phone calls they finally replaced it with one that freezes up even more. As soon as you get into the two-year agreement they forget everything they promised. If they start giving you promises to sign up make sure to get it in writing. With Dish, have to go with a much higher package to get all the channels I want to see. The American Pk. DirectTV has the better channel lineup.

    Sorry dish! Let me know when you get humans back in the work force… Direct here I come. Dish is a nightmare on this end. They sent the return box to the new owners because that is the address on file. My new home is under construction, so no address except a P. Box which is unacceptable to Dish. They said they would email a return label to use with my own box, but did not. Seems they are eager to soak me for equipment returnable only by their rules. They honestly have no idea what they are talking about and say about anything to get off the phone. In my opinion this prevents anyone from being responsible for information being put out there!

    What can I say same ole thing just a different day and people getting the coals hot! I can basically do everything online except cancel my service. I completely believe that this message will fall on deaf ears, if not please contact me. Around 6 months ago I opted to renew my contract for two years.

    At that point I should have dropped Dish for the totally unfriendly business practice of not providing an upgrade for a long time steady customer who had other options on the Satellite market. I had to make a decision to either drop Dish for their unfriendly business position or deal with disruption of service and contact DirectTV. So now on a weekly basis I get updates talking about how great the new features of Dish including voice remote which I wanted etc.

    I am just pretty disgusted with corporate approach to business that if you have a customer by the balls why be nice to them. I actually recommended to a new neighbor Dish as a provider. Lots of come ons and promos…no backup. I will be uploading this complaint to the customer complaint blog. Your rep was nice yesterday but supervisor who dealt with my request was adjunct and stiff.

    Not who I want running my business. I basically like Dish and its features. Your treatment of long time customers is deplorable and I will no longer recommend your business to anyone! Ed Gage Texas. Dish is pure, unadulterated, crap in terms of viewing experience. If you operate two TVs, simultaneously, the second tv is a slave to the master tv. I wish I had read these reviews before signing up for Dish Network! First of all a hour install took 9 hours to complete!

    I have had this service for 5 days! I have read the information booklet they left for me front to back numerous times trying to figure out how to use this STUPID system and have failed! Dishnetwork Sucks!!!! I moved to a different city 2 hours away and took my Dish network with me. I waited a a box to return the equipment except they sent the box to the wrong address. Then they sent me a email saying to return the equipment or pay fees by July Today is only the 21 of June and this morning they stole my whole pay check.

    Absolutely the worst company to deal with. Tried to call customer service this morning and of course long wait times so I scheduled call back but got no call back. Called back again and scheduled a call back and guess what? No one called me back. The Feds need to start regulating these scam companies and force them to provide the services advertised and on-going support we ALL pay dearly for!

    Get DISH - The best in TV entertainment!

    How in the world does DISH rate 4. Possibly the worst customer support of any US based company and the Feds should investigate for defrauding customers by poor service, out of date hardware and ignoring customers calls when systems and hardware do not work. I have been a customer since and have had no issues except that during a heavy thunderstorm the service is blocked but I was aware of that going in. The price of service was not increased during the first 2 years.

    Of course since then the rate has periodically increased. Because the cost was getting too hight I checked for alternate programming and found that they now offer a skinny package with optional add-ons. I chose the basic package with the news add-on and now have everything I need at half the price. I did this on the Dish web site and was immediately issued a prorated credit for the rest of the month. Okay first off I would like to say I have had dish in the past and they were actually good, so I had them reinstalled 6 months ago.

    Worst mistake ever. Nor did i recieve the Alexia that I was supposed to. Tried to call customer service, which I sat on hold for an hour to schedule a technician, which would be a week later. When I called to cancel service they told me alot of bull. In accordance with the terms of your contract, a return fee has been charged to your DISH account for each box required to return your equipment.

    The internet started off being so slow it might as well not be working. One day, it actually stopped working and I called probably 5 times and no one came out to fix the problem for almost a MONTH! The female I talked to on the phone was rude and could also care less. It is problem after problem with this company. Comcast is so much better and I would recommend them. I was a Direct TV customer for several decades.

    Product Overview

    The bill went up and up. When we went on a fixed income I called Direct T. V to see if they could help us lower our monthly fee. DISH, who actually cared and helped me find a new package. Direct TV then proceeded to call and call offering me this and that…actually it became noxious. They just did not get it at all. My experience with Dish has been abysmal and would advise all to avoid if possible.

    Worst first…trying to cancel my service I can only do it over the phone. On the phone for 3 hours and still not disconnected the only qualifier is that it was a Saturday that I had to call. Even after asking repeatedly to take my number to call me back if we got disconnected. When we vacationed here and tried to watch a quadrennial sports event with a room full of people we ended up with a broken signal and missed most of the event.

    My take home: Dish cares more about profits then customer service and their product is not as reliable as other providers. Equipment is excellent when installed properly. However, there is nothing that the founder, Charlie Ergen, will do to stand behind his employees. Ride em hard and put them up wet. Hopper is doing something new that I hate. No rhyme or reason to it — seems almost random. One of the examples was an old movie — Total Recall — the only way we could record it was to wait until it started playing and hit record while viewing the movie — unable to use the guide to record this OLD movie.

    Do not deal with theses thieves!!!!! Awful service!! Did not work during storms!! Internet is stupid slow!!! Will not honor their 30 day contract offer!!! Dude,you forgot to mention Netflix…Does not work. DVR freezes. DISH is kinda sucky. Click here to cancel reply. Name required. Email will not be published required. This site is a U. Consumer site. You can learn more about our site and privacy policy here. TV Service Provider. Our Rating. Call Now: View Plans. Call Now. View Plan. DISH gets you pretty much all the channels you need for a solid price. Get all the details in our DISH review.

    Tyler Abbott. See all articles. Jul 09, Find the best satellite providers in your area. DISH packages and pricing Whatever package you choose, your monthly bill should always stay the same. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change. The slightly more prestigious channels will be on the more expensive packages.

    Reason being, DIRECTV charges a cheap introductory rate for the first year of your contract, and then your monthly rate doubles in the second year. DISH contracts Contracts will save you money, but you lose some freedom. How heavy are these cancellation fees? Yes, it does. How about Sundance TV? Of course it does. Sadly, it does not. Leading the way for college sports. As it stands right now, DISH has the most college sports coverage. You can get add-on channels with whatever channel package you choose, including the super-cheap Flex package.

    You can even get more sports channel or international channel packages. Still, it would be nice to get a deal with your DISH subscription instead. Best packages for sports DISH carries essentially every sports channel you could ever want. Can I get sports for a cheaper package? You certainly can.


    International Packages. High-Speed Internet. Hopper 3. Order Now. All offers require credit qualification, 2-Year commitment with early termination fee and eAutoPay.

    DISH High-Speed Internet | MyDISH | DISH Customer Support

    Prices include Hopper Duo for qualifying customers. Upfront fees may apply based on credit qualification. Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant not included with offer. HD for Life. For 3 months. Offer Details. Premium Channels: 3 mos.

    Satellite Internet Service ViaSat, Explornet rural dish installation

    After 3 mos. Available with qualifying packages. Where available. Available in most areas.