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Advertise with us Click here to apply. Car leasing allows you to finance a new car without having to buy it outright. Car leasing is effectively a long-term rental.

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You pay an Initial Payment, typically three months' lease, followed by monthly payments for the lease term—usually three years. When the lease ends, you return the car. Read More on "How does car leasing work? When you lease a car, you'll have the advantage of choosing the latest model every 2—4 years. Typical lease payments are lower than bank-loan repayments. You pay a fixed monthly cost and benefit from a manufacturer's warranty.

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However, you won't own the vehicle when the lease ends. Leasing vs PCP which should I choose? Car leasing gets you a brand-new car every 2—4 years. You won't own the vehicle: your lease is a long-term rental agreement. When the lease ends, the car is returned. PCP is similar, but at the end of the rental period you have the option to buy the car. When you lease a car, you'll be charged a fixed monthly rate based on the vehicle's value. You'll also pay an Initial Payment usually 3x your monthly payment, but it can be more. On a three-year lease, total cost equals Initial Payment plus 35x your monthly payment.

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Popular advantages of car leasing include fixed monthly payments, the ability to upgrade to the latest model every 2—4 years and manufacturer's warranty cover. However, you won't own the vehicle. You're responsible for repairs outside of reasonable wear and tear, and you must stick to an annual mileage limit. What should I know when leasing a car? When leasing a car, you should be aware that you can replace your vehicle with a new model every 2—4 years. Cars are returned at the end of the agreement. Mileage limits apply.

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Read More on "What should I know when leasing a car? All aspects of the service to filling in forms and the politeness of people I spoke to via telephone was very professional. Personal leasing is for private individuals who want to benefit from driving a brand new car of their choice, to the specification they require, at a fixed monthly rate and for a set term.

Personal leasing can often be a more affordable, and hassle-free way, to drive a brand new car. Due to the high number of different leasing options available, our experienced team of Account Managers take time to understand how best to meet your individual leasing needs and requirements in the most cost-efficient way. View Deal. View Top 20 Deals. Request a callback. View Feefo Reviews. Find out more. With PCH you never actually own the vehicle, you simply hand it back at the end of the leasing agreement. The benefits of PCH include low, fixed monthly costs and a smaller initial payment which is usually the equivalent of three, six or nine monthly payments.

The payments on a PCH agreement tend to be lower than other finance methods as you are only paying an initial payment plus a monthly rental, and not paying to own the vehicle. There are a number of flexible options to choose from at the end of the agreement:. With a Personal Lease Purchase PLP you agree to take ownership of the vehicle at the end of the agreed term - there is no option to return it.

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Due to the lack of flexibility this option tends to be less popular, however, those individuals who know the type of car they wish to purchase at the end of the contract will not have to find the funds upfront to buy a brand new vehicle. An initial deposit is required, followed by fixed monthly payments plus a balloon payment at the end of the term.

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Really helpful, friendly staff which great product knowledge. Our fleet Locations Rent knowledge base. Business solutions Business solutions from AMT Our business solutions division can offer a range of services to support your business fleet. Business solutions overview Vehicle consultancy. Fleet supply and management Case studies. Knowledge base overview. Business solutions Business solutions knowledge base Guides Whitepaper. Car leasing with AMT Car leasing could be a great option if you're wanting to drive a brand-new car without the expenditure required to buy one.

View the benefits. Models Loading Advanced search. Looking for vans instead? Seat Tarraco Estate 1. Porsche Cayman Coupe 2. Seat Tarraco Estate 2. Lamborghini Urus SUV 4. Personal and business leasing explained. Personal leasing Business leasing. Your payments are fixed Personal leasing offers you a peace of mind as you pay a fixed price for your motoring each month.

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No ownership risks Owning a vehicle comes with financial risk. A low initial payment Purchasing a new car requires a high payment upfront whereas leasing a car gives you access to a brand-new car with a flexible initial payment — this is normally 3, 6 or 9 months rental up front — depending on your preference. Cost effective Over the same period of time, car leasing usually works out to be the most cost-effective option when you want to drive a brand-new car or van.

Less hassle all round You can also take out a maintenance package which includes breakdown assistance, servicing, even replacement tyres and puncture repairs. What you can get for your money You may be pleasantly surprised to see that you can get much more for your money than would be possible if you were looking to purchase a car.

Limited credit? Minimal capital expenditure Low monthly rentals and initial payments with only minimal capital outlay for a business looking to acquire new vehicles. Business certainty Your monthly business cost for motoring is fixed, improving your cash flow and providing financial stability. Twelve-month contracts Unlike many other leasing companies, AMT can offer your business shorter term contracts up to 12 months in length.

Better cash flow management Your business is only paying for the depreciation of the vehicle over the length of your lease contract. No depreciation risk The risk is taken on by the funder, your monthly payment is in effect the depreciation cost of the vehicle and you will never be in a position of negative equity.


No need for vehicle administration AMT will handle all the administration of the vehicle throughout your contract which eliminates the need for your business to spend valuable resources doing this in-house. Search by car manufacturer:. Options to finance your lease. Business contract hire BCH Business contract hire or business leasing is by far the most popular method by which business lease their vehicles with AMT.